The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

There are a number of different reasons why people seek out chiropractic care. It could be because of headaches, back pain, neck pain and more. Little did you know, chiropractic care can do more than just relieve pain. There are many benefits to chiropractic care, and Dr. Wes Wooden and... Read more »

All You Need to Know About Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that Dr. Wes Wooden and Dr. Wheeler are proud to offer at Health Solutions. It is a technique that involves using firm pressure and slow strokes to reach the deeper layers of the muscle and fascia, which is the connective... Read more »

Is This Your First Chiropractor Appointment? Here is Some Information

If this is your first chiropractic appointment, then you might be wondering how your visit will go. You’re not alone. Many people have questions about chiropractic medicine and wonder about certain treatments in the appointment. Well, to help you understand more about your upcoming appointment, our chiropractors, Dr. Wes Wooden... Read more »

Your Chiropractor Can Assist With Weight Loss

If you are struggling with weight loss, your chiropractor, Dr. Wes Wooden and Dr. Wheeler, can help. Little did you know, chiropractic adjustments can impact your weight. This can be a new approach to achieving your dream body! Chiropractic adjustments can help you lose weight because they are known to... Read more »

Personal Injuries Can Be Treated With Chiropractic Medicine, Too

When you’re injured, your first thought is typically to visit your family physician or doctor. Although this is a great option for major health issues, there are other doctors who can help with smaller issues, like neck pain, back pain, sciatica pain, and other pain related to personal injuries. That’s... Read more »

Spinal Decompression Leads to Relief of Back Pain

Do you experience any lower back, neck, or sciatica pain? If so, our chiropractor, Dr. Wooden and Dr. Wheeler, can help. Fortunately, they offer a variety of different treatments that can help you find the relief you need. We all know back, neck, and sciatica pain can make simple daily... Read more »

Acupuncture: A New Route to a Healthier Body

When you think of acupuncture, you probably think of the tiny needles inserted into the skin across your body. What you probably don’t think about is the way it can help your health. Whether you believe it or not, acupuncture can help you return to a top-notch health by helping... Read more »

Treat Your Neuropathy with Special Technology and Treatment

Neuropathy is a problem within the nervous system that causes weakness, numbness, and pain in the hands and feet. This typically occurs when the nerves have been damaged. Unfortunately, there are many things that can cause neuropathy, like diabetes, injuries, infections, and the exposure to certain drugs and toxins. Fortunately,... Read more »

Have You Been in a Car Accident? Call Our Chiropractor Now for Treatment

Colder weather is here, which means rain, snow, and other winter storms are on their way. This winter weather can involve playing in the puddles, crafting snowmen, and making snow angels, but it can also involve icy and slicker roads, which can make driving very difficult. In fact, winter weather... Read more »

Herniated Discs: The Cause and Solutions Behind the Problem

In the spine, there are bones (vertebrae) that are surrounded by rubbery cushions (discs). These bones and cushions stack on top of each other to make up the spine. The rubbery cushions are like jelly donuts, which means they have a softer center with a tougher exterior. A herniated disc... Read more »