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Our chiropractors, in addition to being trained to diagnose and treat conditions that arise from spine and spinal alignment problems, have training in overall health and wellness, which includes weight loss and diet. Our practice seeks to tackle your weight problems in a drug-free, holistic way. We first conduct a thorough examination to establish the exact origin of a problem in the body. After examining these results, we determine the best type of treatment to administer to you. This typically involves a personalized diet and exercise plan that suits your own unique needs.

In addition to providing you with a diet and exercise plan, one of our knowledgeable chiropractors may also utilize spinal manipulation, which has been proven to be effective in the management of weight loss. When performed, it enhances flexibility and also takes a lot of pressure off the spinal cords. Moreover, aligning of the spine is an effective way in helping the body absorb essential nutrients that aid in the weight loss process.

Massage therapy may also be implemented in assisting with weight loss. Massage has a similar effect to spinal manipulation. It has been seen to be beneficial in promoting emotional clarity, reducing stress and bringing forth a positive effect on your general state of health and wellness.

If you would like to learn more about weight loss managemnt in South Ogden, Utah, Health Solutions Chiropractic is here to help! Please contact our office at 801-621-1667 to schedule you weight loss consultation.


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