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At Health Solutions we are pleased to offer you the best technology available to assess and correct your upper cervical subluxations in South Ogden UT.

What Is Cervical Chiropractic Care in South Ogden UT

Dr. Braken specializes in the analysis and treatment of the upper neck using a 3 axis sound impulse correction called EPIC. The sound impulse is delivered precisely to the area of care and has the accuracy to assess your misalignment down to 1/100th of a degree.

What To Expect on your first visit

A typical first visit for upper cervical care consists of doing a neurological exam and taking necessary X-rays. The X-rays that are taken for EPIC are all specific to your anatomy and done on a customized X-ray machine in the office.

The analysis of the X-rays takes between 30-45 minutes this allows Dr. Braken to measure your exact misalignment as well as check for 23 genetic anomalies that may occur in the spine.

Your first adjustment

The first adjustment is typically done on your second visit once the X-rays have been analyzed and a report of findings is given on your X-ray examination. You will be shown your X-rays and told how the doctor has calculated your exact findings. (Same day options are available upon request)

Immediately after the first correction the second set of X-rays are taken to determine the new alignment and how your body has changed. It will also determine the percentage of correction we got and how to make any future adjustments even better.

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