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If this is your first chiropractic appointment, then you might be wondering how your visit will go. You’re not alone. Many people have questions about chiropractic medicine and wonder about certain treatments in the appointment. Well, to help you understand more about your upcoming appointment, our chiropractors, Dr. Wes Wooden and Dr. Wheeler, has some information to help you be a little more prepared during your visit:

-Although it might seem like it, there isn’t any actual “cracking” during your chiropractic appointment. In fact, the cracking and popping sounds you hear are just compressed gas bubbles escaping from the fluid (which is made up of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen) in your joints. Once you are adjusted, you can feel quick relief in the area.

-You shouldn’t be scared when Dr. Wooden or Dr. Wheeler cracks your neck. Because of the media, twisting the neck is often shown to be a way to end someone’s life. Dr. Wooden would never use any techniques or measures to harm you in any way. He is specifically trained to adjust your neck in a certain way to benefit you, not hurt you. So, when he is adjusting your neck, just relax and let him help you.

-You might feel a bit sore after your adjustment. This is normal and to be expected. Your spine and joints were used to sitting a certain way. When they are adjusted, they are quickly moved out of that position, which is abnormal for them. It might take a couple days for the soreness to abate.

If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about your chiropractor appointment in South Ogden, Utah, please contact Health Solutions Chiropractic today at 801-621-1667. Our chiropractic team is more than happy to help you, and we look forward to your phone call!