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Neuropathy is a problem within the nervous system that causes weakness, numbness, and pain in the hands and feet. This typically occurs when the nerves have been damaged. Unfortunately, there are many things that can cause neuropathy, like diabetes, injuries, infections, and the exposure to certain drugs and toxins. Fortunately, Dr. Wes Wooden and Dr. Mark Wheeler, and Dr. Steven Wheeler has the special technology and treatment methods needed to treat this condition. So, if you’re suffering from neuropathy, schedule an appointment today.

One of the most high-tech and successful treatment options he offers at our clinic is treatment with our Calmare machine. This machine is quite special because it is currently used by top-of-the-line doctors at the Mayo Clinic and at Johns Hopkins University. The Calmare can be used to treat neuropathy as well as conditions like CRPS and CIPN.

This machine is used to help with chronic pain management by applying surface electrodes to the skin. The electrodes send a “no-pain” message to the nerve and then the brain receives this message as a dominant signal. This overrides the pain signal and provides significant relief for the patient. Dr. Wooden is proud to use this machine to help neuropathy patients because clinical studies have shown that it successfully reduces pain in more than 80 percent of treated patients.

A few other ways Dr. Wooden, Dr. Wheeler, and our entire team is happy to treat neuropathy are acupuncture, decompression, and massage therapy. If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about how our highly skilled chiropractor treats neuropathy in South Ogden, Utah, please reach out to Health Solutions Chiropractic at 801-621-1667. We look forward to helping you!