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Colder weather is here, which means rain, snow, and other winter storms are on their way. This winter weather can involve playing in the puddles, crafting snowmen, and making snow angels, but it can also involve icy and slicker roads, which can make driving very difficult. In fact, winter weather increases the number of automobile accidents because the tires slip on the snow and water and make the car slide out of control. This can lead to many auto accident injuries. Although this is troubling and even a bit scary, the good news is that your chiropractor, Dr. Wes Wooden, is here to help you recover from those accidents with top-notch treatment and pain relief techniques.


One beneficial treatment Dr. Wes Wooden is happy to provide includes decompression treatment for herniated discs. Sometimes the accident applies so much pressure on the back that it results in a spinal disc rupturing and causing extreme pain. The decompression treatment is very handy when treating this issue because it involves stretching and relaxing the back, moving the disc back into place. Another way your chiropractor can help you recover is by helping with whiplash. Dr. Wes Wooden can meet with you several times and adjust your back where necessary until your spine and neck no longer suffer the effects of the accident.


No matter which problem you suffer, Dr. Wes Wooden and our chiropractic team can use a digital X-ray to determine the specific back, neck, and joint injuries and problems throughout your body. With the help of this X-ray, we can give you the treatment you need to bring you to comfort in no time.


To schedule an appointment after an automobile accident in South Ogden, Utah, please contact Health Solutions Chiropractic at 801-621-1667 at your earliest convenience. Our chiropractic team is here to help you, and we look forward to your phone call!