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In the spine, there are bones (vertebrae) that are surrounded by rubbery cushions (discs). These bones and cushions stack on top of each other to make up the spine. The rubbery cushions are like jelly donuts, which means they have a softer center with a tougher exterior. A herniated disc is a problem within that rubbery cushion. Typically, the “jelly” portion of the disc ruptures (herniates) through the tougher exterior and causes severe pain. This problem is also commonly referred to a slipped or dislocated disc.


It’s most common to suffer a herniated disc at the spinal level between the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae (in the lower back). When suffering a herniated disc, you usually experience pain in the arm or leg, numbness or tingling in the body, and weakness in the muscles in the area. You might even experience zero symptoms and only know of the situation with a spinal image.


Treatment for a herniated disc can involve decompression treatment or acupuncture. Decompression treatment is a non-surgical therapy that gently stretches the spine to relieve the pain. During treatment, you will go through several cycles of stretch and relaxation techniques that help pull the herniated disc back into place and improve blood flow and nutrient exchange in the area. Acupuncture treatment is a beneficial treatment that can relieve stress, improve sleep, and improve your energy flow. It involves placing small, thin needles through your skin in specific areas of the body. This is a great way to re-balance the energy flow in your back and relieve pain.


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