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The therapists at Health Solutions Chiropractic offer an assortment of massage techniques, from gentle, stress-relieving massages to deep tissue trigger point therapy.

What Is a Massage?
A massage is the manipulating, pressing, and rubbing of the skin, tendons, muscles, and ligaments. The amount of pressure used in a massage can vary immensely. Stress-relieving massages are generally very soft and gentle. A deep massage uses slower strokes and deep pressure. A deep massage targets the deep layers of muscle and connective tissues. A deep massage can help with muscle damage from injuries. Trigger point massages can be provided after an injury or overuse of a muscle and focuses on areas of tight muscle fibers.

What Are the Advantages of a Massage?
According to studies, massage therapy can help with:

– Stress
– Pain
– Muscle tension
– Injuries to the ligaments and muscles
– Tendinitis
– Poor circulation
– Poor posture

Is a Massage for Me?
Although most patients can benefit from a massage, there are some cases in which a massage would not be suitable. A massage may not be for you if you have:

– Bleeding disorders
– Blood-thinning medication
– A fracture
– Healing wounds or burns
– Severe osteoporosis
– Deep vein thrombosis
– Severe thrombocytopenia

We welcome you to contact our office at 801-621-1667 for more information about the benefits of a massage in South Ogden, Utah, and to schedule a visit with our chiropractors, Drs. Wes, Mark, and Steven Wheeler.